Mozart in your ear and design in your eye

Architect / Planning: Jakob Sprenger Site: Salzburg   Photo: Courtesy of Aesop  
Jakob Sprenger chose oiled oak boards on the walls of Aesop Interieurs in Salzburg’s infamous Getreidegasse. The massive oak sales counter reminds of the form of old cembalo instruments. A four metre long sink made out of Nagelfluh (local rock) is the counterpoint of Salzburg’s geology.  
proedl_Aesop AT Store Getreidegasse 02 proedl_Aesop-AT-Store-Getreidegasse-04 proedl_Aesop-AT-Store-Getreidegasse-05
The joy of detail and the sense of aesthetics make a good craftsman. That's why our workshop is very meticulous. This starts with the selection of the woods and ends with the final polish. A great feeling when you can be really proud of your work.