A damn good kitchen

Old Viennese Apartment
Architect / Planning: DI Susanne Priesner  Site: Vienna   Photo: Sara Sera  
“It’s genius, when you can’t do it in a simpler way.” This sentence describes precisely the requirements for this custom-made kitchen for a private apartment in Vienna. Less twirl, more function. A well-planned storage room in timeless design made out of materials that shine out of their sheer value. The details are user friendly because of the high precision in their construction. It’s the smoothness with which the elements can be used and that makes this old Viennese Apartment exceptional.   
proedl_altwien_appartment_DSC09127 proedl_altwien_appartment_DSC09172 proedl_altwien_appartment_DSC09186
The joy of detail and the sense of aesthetics make a good craftsman. That's why our workshop is very meticulous. This starts with the selection of the woods and ends with the final polish. A great feeling when you can be really proud of your work.