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Cozy Apartment
Architect / Planning: Ringvanrittau Architekten   Site: Vienna   Photo: Monika Nguyen  
The courageous use of various materials, colours and patterns demands a well thought of approach and an exceptional sense of style in the design process. Architects Ringvanrittau managed this balancing act well and decided to collaborate with Prödl. This was definitely a big challenge, but also came with prestige for all participants.    
proedl_cozy_appartment_AC1A1645 proedl_cozy_appartment_AC1A1658 proedl_cozy_appartment_AC1A1738 proedl_cozy_appartment_AC1A1743 proedl_cozy_appartment_AC1A1767
The joy of detail and the sense of aesthetics make a good craftsman. That's why our workshop is very meticulous. This starts with the selection of the woods and ends with the final polish. A great feeling when you can be really proud of your work.