When style comes first, everything will work out well

Hering Berlin
Architect / Planning: Götz Esllinger  Site: Berlin   Photo: Courtesy of Hering  
Hering Berlin is a traditional, owner managed company. That’s why chance wasn’t allowed to play a role in planning the porcelain manufacturer’s flagship store. The impressive effect reaches further than the simple presentation of their products. Every detail is perfect, everything is beautifully assembled. All built-in furniture and the ceiling have the same colour, the skirting and other elements are made from oak wood. From every corner of the shop you can feel the appreciation on all levels.  
The joy of detail and the sense of aesthetics make a good craftsman. That's why our workshop is very meticulous. This starts with the selection of the woods and ends with the final polish. A great feeling when you can be really proud of your work.