Science has proven: Wood is ideal

Science Tower
Architect / Planning: Studio WG3   Location: Graz   Photo: Heldentheater  
Science Tower is the central building of Graz’s Smart City. The tower contains science and office installments and is dedicated to renewable energies and materials. Prödl was in charge of the wooden walls and the office kitchen. Special furniture for the innovative enterprises in the Science Tower was provided by WORKSHOP, Prödl’s own brand.  
proedl_science_Tower_Green-Tech-Hub-Studio-wg3-01 proedl_science_Tower_Green-Tech-Hub-Studio-wg3-02 proedl_science_Tower_Green-Tech-Hub-Studio-wg3-05 proedl_science_Tower_Green-Tech-Hub-Studio-wg3-08 proedl_science_Tower_Green-Tech-Hub-Studio-wg3-11
The joy of detail and the sense of aesthetics make a good craftsman. That's why our workshop is very meticulous. This starts with the selection of the woods and ends with the final polish. A great feeling when you can be really proud of your work.